Beer Scoring - Why Bother?

Have you ever sat in a pub, or anywhere else, drinking your pint and thought “This is a really good pint! Might get the same again” ? Did that thought enter your mind either because you liked the taste of that particular beer or that it was in really good condition? Or...maybe both ? - Lucky you !

Maybe it was a beer you had in a pub that has a good reputation when it comes to keeping and serving beer as the brewer intended.

Well, what ever your reasons, if you are a CAMRA member, you can give the pub some recognition, for each pint you have, and it only takes a couple of minutes to do. I’m referring to ‘dark art’ of BEER SCORING.

The information gathered from beer scores for pubs is very useful to the work of the branch and CAMRA in general. We actively encourage any member, local or otherwise, to enter a score via the WhatPub website ( which was created by a fellow CAMRA member but all the local information about the pubs is supplied and updated by members of the branch committee.

Unlike other popular online beer rating apps such as RateBeer and Untappd, we use submitted scores to help decide which pubs are entered in to the Good Beer Guide for the branch area. Inclusion in the guide is usually a good indication that the pub consistently keeps and serves well conditioned real ale.

More details regarding the scoring system & process are to be found elsewhere on the website, but essentially it is a 10-point scale along with a descriptive narrative for each point to help you decide how you might rate your drink.

The important thing to note is that you are scoring the CONDITION / QUALITY of the beer in the glass NOT whether you like it – after all, no-one would knowingly order a beer that they don’t like but might get a poorly kept or badly poured pint through no fault of their own.

In order to score a beer, you need have both online access and a CAMRA member password. You can use either a smartphone, tablet or computer to sign into and access your account. If you need to re-set your password, you can do so by going to

Scores can also be entered retrospectively, so if you don’t have online access at the time of drinking or you are in good company and don’t want to appear to be rude, you can always make a note and then submit the score later.

Be assured that every score submitted, high or low, is counted and is gratefully appreciated. So, if you want to make a valuable and meaningful contribution to the work of the branch (with very minimal effort on your part) then, PLEASE, consider scoring you next pint!

Thank You

A guide to scoring beer can be found at
Scores can be submitted via
Membership number and password required.

Article Originally Printed in Merseyale - Thanks to Andre Fu for allowing its use.