Mild In May

May is Mild Month

CAMRA will be celebrating this often overlooked beer style and as part of this a Mild Ale Trail will be taking place in Burton on Saturday the 13th.

See our Events Page for details & keep an eye on the Regional Page for details of the event.

Updated Details from Regional Secretary Phil Vickers as of sat 6th May


The trail is a walking tour around Burton-on-Trent. At least 13 pubs are 'signed up'. There will be three guided tours for them that wants:-

Outer town pubs. Led by Les Stretton. For reasonably fit people and going to those pubs occasional visitors rarely see. Les asks for an earlier start, some suggestions below

High Street tour. Led by Ash Corbett-Collins. For more abled people and young members.

Derby Street area, led by May Arthur. An easy pace for less abled people

Chilli special ! Chilli and crusty bread at The Derby Inn, Derby Road, all day

Each tour starts from the railway station, we will be met there

Those on the outer tour, can you meet at 1100-1120. The 1049 from Birmingham gets in at 1120 and the 1110 from the Derby direction at 1121

The other tours - suggested start at 1145, the 1119 from Birmingham way gets in at 1147 and the 1137 from Derby way at 1148.

If you want to do your own thing the meanderings here may help:

Photo-op Flying the flag ! If you have one of the 2017 sandy-coloured regional polo shirts, please wear ! Weather permitting, a photo-op outside The Weighbridge Inn at 6pm. It's a micro-pub, I know, but central and close to several other mild pubs on the trail as likely we won't all 'fit' into TWI. If it is wet the photo-op will be under the canopy at the front of the railway station.